31 May 2017

Have Fresh Produce in the Big City

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“How fresh, can fresh be?”: is often asked. Well if you’re living on the countryside and you are okay with it that you only eat seasonal available Produce, you can get Produce as fresh as you can for the time available! But what if you are living in a Big City where the most closest Produce has been breathing polluted city-air? In that case you’re relying on your local markets, their supply chain, and the fair treatment of the Produce by their producer/supplier.
Bringing a produce from one to another country can be easier compared to inland distribution. Especially when this goes in bulk (full loads) of one specific Produce.
Set the equipment configuration required according optimum fresh conditions for that specific Produce, and all be fine!
Inland distribution often takes place in concentration (Collecting) points from where markets distribute many kind of Produce to their RDC’s (Re-Distribution Centers).
The mixed load in the best conditions imaginable are in risk of Mold and Bacteria contamination. This as the chiller blows the airborne molds around spreading them over all the Produce. Too often at a too low temperature! In many countries these transports take place for 4 to 8 hours and more! The moment they arrive at the (relatively warmer) RDC’s, they start sweating and warming up again. An ideal situation for Molds and Bacteria. This is the moment for them to increase their activity. Also the moment that the fresh appearing produce isn’t that fresh anymore. At the same time the load has some Ethylene producing Produce on board. Some are very sensitive for ethylene, other less. But decay of the ethylene sensitive Produce will the moment concentration levels of Ethylene are getting too high.
What can be done to avoid these contaminations and ethylene influences? Shipping each kind of product in for each best environmental conditions will be way too expensive solution. Keeping the products warmer to avoid sweating at point of arrival, will increase the ethylene production and therewith increase decay and waste found at point of arrival.
The Answer: Bluezone Fresh Preservation Technology.
With a Bluezone 2400 machine in reefer trucks (operating with energy support from the cooling unit) cleans an empty truck its air volume within 2 hours. An operating filled reefer truck its Produce air surrounding will be purified all the way from point A-B-C-D…. eliminating the risks of Odor, Bacteria, Molds transfers and keeping the ethylene ppm’s within limits to keep the Produce fresh!
Bluezone Fresh Preservation Technology is integrated in the MAERSK reefer containers (Star * Cool) and is a proven technology used to maintain Produce fresh by the US-Army.
Bluezone is available all over Europe and soon from stock with back-office support from and in The Netherlands!
To learn where to find a distributor in your area to get more information or maybe to become a distributor in vacant area: Please contact eppo@deisko.com or by phone: +90(0)537 610 51 20

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