Bugido Isı Muhafaza Alışveriş Poşeti

Bugido Isı Muhafaza Alışveriş Poşeti Bu Cuma (26-06); 1.500 mikron yalıtımlı Isı muhafaza poşetler (Bugido) her Bim mağaza’da. read more →

23 Jun 2015
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Veri rakamlar oyunu

Veri Rakamlarıyla Oyun Oynama! Veri rakamlarıyla oyun oynama – (Game of “The” figures) ; masraflar / operasyon tarafta önemli değişkenlikleri anlatıyor! “Veri rakamlarıyla oyun oynama” hikaye açmak için resmin üzerine tıklayınız! read more →

17 Mar 2015
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Yeni bir yıl

Yeni bir yıl için mutlu ve sağlıklı 2015 Bu sene sizler için varız. Destek ve hizmet, ürünler birlikte ısı muhafaza kalitesini artıracağız! read more →

05 Jan 2015
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GIDA Teknolojisi – Food Technology in Turkey

In the June 2013 edition of “Gıda Teknolojisi” Food Technology in Turkey an interview and advertorial about and from DEISKO. The attached file is a scan of the front, advertorial and the two pages with the interview with some pictures. GIDA-TEKNIOLOJISI June 2013 Reklam ++ (877,97kb) read more →

17 Jun 2013
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Logistics Optimization in the Turkish Retail supply chain and how it affects …The Turkish Economy

As promised and announced earlier this week; From this morning our reading / writing, as presented for the first time for Marmara University at Bakırköy Business Management Faculty on 27-11-2012 for Master Degree and MBA students, has become downloadable from our linked web-blog as Logistics – Optimization in the Turkish Retail supply chain – writing.. read more →

30 Nov 2012
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The Missing Link

The last years Turkey is economical and industrial developing and keeping economic growth where other economies are in crisis or in recession. Interesting is to see the compassion and commitment of the Turkish people. Sad to see is that many of these people have to deploy and investigate in and from positions where they already.. read more →

21 Nov 2012
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We are a supplier of operational innovative solutions

We are a supplier of operational innovative solutions! As our products contribute to: 1. Reduction of cost, time, traffic, stress, carbon foot print, inflation, food wastage, stock risk and personal risks; 2. Increasing food and medicine safety, social welfare, environmental care and health care. 3. Saving natural resources and energy! You want to learn more.. read more →

13 Nov 2012
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Kurban Bayramı

Kurban Bayramınızı en içten dileklerimizle kutlar Sağlık, Mutluluk ve Başarılar dileriz. read more →

23 Oct 2012
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FOOD TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION – What can be my fuel consumption reduction?

“What if I could combine ambient, chilled and frozen in one shipment…. What would be my energy reduction on transport only?”: The logistic manager at the other end of the table ask me. For a moment my thoughts:…“Will I start explaining first that the implication of the OLIVO BAC and ROLL products isn’t just a.. read more →

10 Oct 2012
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The shorter the chain the stronger, the longer… the less control you have on all links. Do you have any idea how long the “cold” chain of each and every product you are selling, distributing (transporting) and or buying is? This is a disadvantage for the strength of the cool chain and a challenge for.. read more →

10 Sep 2012
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