Ötektik üküler

Eutectic plates usage recommendations

Eutectic liquid

Seven eutectic fluid grades are used to maintain positive, negative or “hot” temperatures in all climatic conditions of transportation. Choosing the right coolant package for your needs involves combining the thermal capacity of the plate and the required temperature. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise you on eutectic plates usage recommendations

  • Selecting the eutectic battery temperature
  • How many eutectic batteries should you use

The temperature in an insulated container cooled by cold eutectic plates can be maintained for 24 hours or longer

Sustainable cooling

OLIVO eutectic plates are non-toxic but not edible!

All OLIVO eutectic solutions are stable, non-toxic and do not degrade over time.This allows you to use Eutectic Packs indefinitely as they maintain their cooling performance.

How should you prepare your refillable cooling batteries?


Required grade

Required eutectic

Charging time

How many degrees

Medication insulin2 _ 8 between-0 degrees24 hours-5 degrees Celsius
Cold productbetween 0 _ 6-3 degrees24 hours-8 degrees Celsius
Chicken and fishbetween 0 _ 4-3 degrees24 hours-8 degrees Celsius
Frozen product -15 to -18 -21 degrees24 hours-26 degrees
Ice cream productsbetween -18_ -23-26 degrees24 hours-31 degrees
When eutectic batteries are placed in a conditioning freezer it is important to ensure air circulation around them.
The batteries can be charged horizontally or vertically (floor or standing). Your local freezer manufacturer can facilitate upon your request
Before drinking, make sure that the full liquid solution is frozen, if the solution (liquid) in it is fixed it is frozen.
Eutectic plates usage recommendations - all start with the right choise and preperations
Tool for preparing eutectic batteries (inside) – freezer
Eutectic plates usage recommendations. So many variety but only one golden rule
A collection of eutectic plates
Ötektik aküler hazırlama araçı  (dış tarafta) - derin dondurucu
Tool for preparing eutectic batteries (outside) – freezer

Special environment (heat and cold storage) batteries

OLIVO “warm” batteries are used to keep the internal temperature between +15 °C and +25 °C when the external atmosphere is extreme, whether very cold or hot.

For example :

  • Keep chocolate at +20°C in summer when it’s +35°C outside
  • Keeping a pharmaceutical product around +20°C when the winter temperature is -10°C

Hot batteries are used in the same way as cold eutectic batteries. Only the preparation before use is different:

According to seasonal / ambient temperatures

Charging time

At what temperature?

Liquid/solid and more information

Winter – ambient temperatures colder than 20 degrees Celsius

24 Hours

Somewhere 25 degrees and more

From solid to liquid
The plate placed in the container in liquid form absorbs the heat losses of the load.

Summer season  – ambient temperatures warmer than 21 degrees Celsius

24 hours

Somewhere 15 degrees and colder

There will be an additive from the liquid
Plate placed in the container in solid form releases its refrigerant to compensate for the heat input in the insulated container tote.

                                                                                                                  You can find more information about OLIVO’s eutectic energy sources here (LINK) in English!