Sharing our knowledge and preparing the future professional to provide Expert Guidance in Cold Logistics.

Expert Guidance in Cold Logistics

Welcome! Cold logistics is an important process for the proper preservation and transportation of fresh produce. Our company is supported by a team specialized in this field. We are also active in personnel training and education, as well as providing consultancy services on cold logistics. However, we also offer customized courses for universities or professionals who want to expand their scope. More from here!

As consultancy:

Our consulting services include ensuring that fresh produce has the correct temperature, humidity and other conditions at each stage of the cold chain. We help our customers maintain the quality and shelf life of their products by providing them with best practices and techniques in storage, transportation and distribution processes. At the same time, we analyze our customers’ current operations and offer suggestions to increase their efficiency. How we cover the cost of consulting is explained in more detail on this page LINK

Ensure Efficiency and Safety in Cold Logistics with Professional Training Programs:

Personnel training and education aims to develop the knowledge and skills needed by employees in cold logistics processes. In line with this goal, our experienced trainers offer customized training programs for warehouse personnel, transportation drivers and other relevant teams. These programs cover topics such as proper handling of fresh produce, use of appropriate equipment, adherence to hygiene protocols, and emergency management. As a result, you improve your logistics processes, enabling your employees to perform their jobs more effectively, accurately and safely.

Shaping the Professionals of the Future:

The courses we offer for universities aim to train future professionals in cold logistics. We teach students the basic principles and practical applications of handling and preserving fresh produce. These courses are suitable for students studying in fields such as logistics, food engineering and business administration. Additionally, we take care to keep our courses up to date by following the innovations in the sector.

Expert Guidance in Cold Logistics, internship opportunities:

We offer internship opportunities to students active in logistics optimization in the agricultural cultivation and storage – transportation sector. In addition, thanks to our internship program, which offers the opportunity to work on real-world projects and contribute to thesis studies, students can develop efficiency-enhancing solutions by analyzing agricultural logistics processes. In addition, they have the opportunity to conduct field studies and gain practical experience by collaborating with companies in the sector. Our internship program helps students take an important step in their careers by improving their knowledge and skills.

Where does our knowledge come from?

Our company is supported by a team of experienced specialist personnel from within our own organization and from our extensive network of solution product manufacturers and/or suppliers. We strive to ensure fresh produce quality and consumer safety by providing our customers with the latest proven technologies and verified experiences. When fresh produce is stored and transported appropriately and the cold chain is managed reliably, food safety for consumers will be increased and food waste reduced.

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