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We have been the contact for the refrigerated logistics industry since 2007.
We deliver product solutions and systems in our areas. Each of these is part of the overall solution. Savings in post-harvest storage, processing, energy and transportation costs and improving quality standards. Advice and solution provider in the area of refrigerated logistics and fresh preservation. We offer advanced logistics solutions where warmth and freshness play a role!

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What goals can we achieve?

By improving the variables we can increase your performance and therefore your profits:

1. You are currently driving from one frozen delivery vehicle (with 100% product) to 30 delivery locations. Your frozen product distribution efficiency rate is 3.3333%!
2. Mold, fungal spores and colonies in cold storage rooms (~ 51>) germ counts will be high!
3.Ethylene figures easily exceed 3 PPM if there is no obsorbent. More than 1 PPM accelerates the ripening process.
4. Currently, you deliver frozen products at most 2 times every 7 days a week. Dry products every 2 days!

250 %
Frozen product distribution efficiency rate increase. It was about 3.33%
1 Col.
Reducing the number of germs in cold storage. It was a colony of about (~)51>
< 0.1 PPM
With Bluezone we can reduce the ethylene concentration: It was approximately 3 - 8 PPM
+ ≈ 50 %
Frozen products can be offered more frequently at the expense of dry product distribution. (tighten frequency ranges) Used to be 2 times a week, now 3 times a week