Logistic optimization in terms temperature freshness preservation of great importance for all perishable goods. Our consult at your service!

Consultancy to temperature and fresh management in logistic

We strive for the most ideal solution that makes the proposed goals possible. We take regulations and/or legislation into account and present a solution package that suits your budget or the feasibility given the possible payback period of the investment involved. No nonsense stories or excuses, resulting in approach that leads to better business performance. We do it: for you, your company, together!

Professional Training Programs:

Olivo technical training: Maintenance and repair
Olivo technical training: Maintenance and repair and consult at DEISKO office.

The courses we offer to universities train future “Logistics” professionals in cold logistics. We teach students the basic principles and practical applications of handling and preserving fresh produce. Similar courses, with an equally broad package, not seen anywhere before. These courses are suitable for students studying logistics, food technology and business administration. We constantly monitor new developments in the market, new innovative solutions or innovative applications to ensure that our training courses remain up to date. The courses are in English (B1-B2 level!

Internship opportunities:

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