Carbon Dioxide Siber Energy Source

bir sistem olan Messer gaz bir ortak
Injection Control Unit
bir sistem olan Siber Sistem kar gelir

Distribution with Siber System

Carbon Dioxide Siber System, which is an innovative system for cold and frozen products that need excessive transfer with 24-hour calibration, guarantees the transportation of your products at the desired temperatures.

Distribution with Siber System

Injection Units

-Injection takes a seconds.

fıllıng pıstols
  1. Suspension Balancer
  2. Feed fluid CO2
  3. CO2 Gas extraction
  4. Electromagnetic security link frozen compartment
  5. Electromagnetic security link chilled compartment
snow – tank compartment
  1. CO2 Gas extraction
  2. Electromagnetic safety connection
  3. Controlled temperature compartment

CO2-Dry Ice Tank

24-hour calibration with Carbon Dioxide Cyber Energy Source.

Carbon Dioxide Siber Energy - charging station

Injection Control Unit

The amount of Carbon Dioxide to be injected is automatically calculated by the injection control unit. This calculation is determined according to the container volume, transportation time, the difference between the product and the ambient temperature, and therewith the required Co2 energy.

(This is possible because the customer and Messer have uploaded the necessary information to the information system.)

  • As an option, all available information can be integrated into the Siber System (in accordance with the HACCP food regulation) with a “data logger” to control and monitor all relevant data.

CO2 Siber system Working Process

  • Products in the cold storage are loaded into ROLL Containers.
  • The operator connects the Injection unit for the CO2 tank compartment and activates CO2 injection at the touch of a button.
  • The injection unit automatically fills the chamber with the required amount of CO2 gas for cooling.
  • The CO2 gas produced during the injection process is completely purified/separated.
  • The operator then closes the prepared ROLL Container on the dock leveler.
  • ROLL containers can be unloaded directly onto the cold shelves of stores without interrupting the cold chain.

The CO2 energy Siber system is ready for the future!

Siber system Working Process

bir sistem olan Siber Sistem messer gaz
CO2 storage
Distribution with Siber System
Order picking – placement
Carbon Dioxide Cyber Energy - The injection unit automatically fills the chamber
Siber Tank filling up
Distribution with Siber System
Vehicle loading
Carbon Dioxide ile dağıtım - CO2 ayak izni azaltıyor
Delivery at store(s)
Karbondioksit Siber Enerji Kaynağı ile 24 saat kalibrasyonlu
Near shelf unloading raf filling