Life cycle, maintenance and repair

Olivo products are ATP certificated ready for use for many of years. Their life cycle is defined by maintenance and repair. Timely and continuous maintenance ensures comply with Turkish directive while life cycle of the product becomes indefinit, it will be the ATP certification that defines the endurance! (15 years of use in accordance with the Turkish ATP directive)

Accidents at work are sometimes inevitable, accidents happen where people work. Such accidents can damage products made of PE. Fortunately, we do repair PE products by PE-welding. We train personnel how to avoid accidental damage!

In two short movies we show you a damaged /cracked area of a product before (left) and after (right) the repair.

PE parts with damage – before repair!
PE welded repaired part
friction wear at the bottom of a BAC130 needs heavy repair! We can repair PE products. Timely repair prefents worse
How we love to see a BAC130 bottom. No reinforcement needed yet!
OLIVO BAC130 repaired and reinforced bottom wear points. Extending life cycle becoming more sustainable