Necessary energy support sources

Three different energy sources are usable in OLIVO containers. Which cold support is best for your business operations? All depending on several variables. We will be happy to advise you on this matter. Eutectic battery types (a link under the picture brings you to the OLIVO website – Eutectic plates), Dry ice snow, palets or blocks – the picture will guide you to an overview of Turkish Dry-ice suppliers. The CO2 Siber tank system is the final, most optimized option. A coorperate patented system by Olivo and Messer. The picture link is proving you a video about the Siber. Necessary energy sources require some explanation.

Necessary energy support sources - are eutectic plates useful?
Eutectic plate support

When to apply eutectic plates?
If a maximum of 50 containers per day leave a distribution center with frozen and/or cold product.

Required attachments:
Deep freezers require an additional cooling capacity of 5°C. In order to charge the battery at -21 °C from the eutectic battery indicator, the minimum deep freezer must be -26 °C. Please pay attention that the plates must be fully charged. What is notable when the substances inside are fully frozen.
More informtion

Using the FIFO handling system!
Model TOP plates suitable for any type of container and, if necessary, plate holder (rack)

Necessary energy support sources - is dry ice useful?
Dry ice pellet or snow

When is it practical?
For operations over 50 -70 containers per day from the distribution center with frozen products.

What you need:
Dry ice drawer (The size of each container model is different.) Scale and shovel (necessary to measure the amount of dry ice) Dry Ice Supply – We recommend BAC group containers based on daily dry ice storage needs.

Dry ice supplier contract is advised. Safety for surrounding personnel. Dry ice ≈ -78 °C
Necessary energy support sources the Olivo konteyner Siber system is CO2 Cyber useful
CO2 Siber System

When is CO2 Siber useful?
This is when more than 70 containers per day leave the distribution center with frozen and/or cold product.

Requires what?:
Messer Gas – filling station.
Tank lease and purchase agreement with the CO2 supplier.
Municipal Tank CO2 certificate
One CO2 Cyber Tank for each container

You’ used battery or drawer before? Next to the stations only “Cyber Tank” additional purchase is required.

Is energy support in ATP-IR container mandatory?

Yes, no matter how well insulated our containers are!
You do have to choose from the following options. As eutectic plates, dry ice (snow, palet or blocks), or the Siber system only can provide the support needed! This as ATP_IR class (highly insulated), there is no electrical or fuel powered refrigeration unit. Any energy support, during transportation is therefore mandetory!