Solutions after problem analysis

Chicken refrigerator - Solutions after problem analysis. There is a smell in the refrigerators! Is it?

Solutions after problem analysis

There is a smell in the refrigerators! Is it?
Photos (thankfully unscented) aren’t really definitive proof, but they certainly help explain the offered release. It’s a shame that a lawsuit has been filed regarding this. The energy and effort would be better spent on finding a solution! I have some additional information that may help further reduce odors and food safety risks in perishable, temperature-sensitive items. My next remarks (anonymous) are about markets and/or brands. But these are based on personal experience and professional vision!

A few times when buying chicken fillets I noticed that the fillets were soft on the outside but still frozen on the inside. Research has shown me that the wrong logistics methodology is often used. A methodology that aims to secure regulations but is actually counterproductive. These are:

A product intended to be sold chilled will be delivered frozen by many suppliers. They do this because the shipper/shipper/distributor cannot sustain the requested partial deliveries of poultry (chicken) at the required 0°C to 4°C temperature. Even from an ATP certified refrigerated truck! This is because smaller quantities are often available at multiple delivery points. This requires a lot of doors! The cold air flows directly through the refrigerated truck, and it takes some time for the refrigerated truck to reach the correct temperature again. Delivery points are usually only a few minutes apart. So the refrigerated truck is slowly warming up!

Summary of the problem:

  • The supplier delivers the chicken fillets frozen.
  • Due to the door being opened too much, the conveyor belt cannot maintain the required temperature.
  • The chicken fillet partially thaws and bacteria become active.
  • Melted water escapes from the packaging and causes odor.

For solutions after problem analysis:
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