The battle between insulated bags

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of insulated bags. The Battle between Insulated Bags: Buckle up! As we’ll compare the originals and the imitation “much cheaper” versions available on the market.
The ultimate showdown: Combi-Therm AS originals vs. imitations.
Let the battle of insulated bags begin!

Mature or aged enough to enter the final stages of decay

Mature or aged enough

What is this piece about? Is it about life, decay and ultimately the death? Or the more scientific rapprochement: a detailed exploration of the decomposition process, possibly in a forensic or biological context?!
Reading this article will provide a different insights. Providing a better understanding of the validity of products, resources and systems in life that concerns the food supply.

Technology to reduce waste

Technology to reduce waste: Do you have any idea how many fruits and vegetables are composted or thrown overboard on cruise ships every year? I can tell you that these …