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The battle between insulated bags

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of insulated bags. The Battle between Insulated Bags: Buckle up! As we’ll compare the originals and the imitation “much cheaper” versions available on the market.
The ultimate showdown: Combi-Therm AS originals vs. imitations.
Let the battle of insulated bags begin!

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What goals can we achieve?

By improving the variables we can increase your performance and therefore your profits:

1. You are currently driving from one frozen delivery vehicle (with 100% product) to 30 delivery locations. Your frozen product distribution efficiency rate is 3.3333%!
2. Mold, fungal spores and colonies in cold storage rooms (~ 51>) germ counts will be high!
3.Ethylene figures easily exceed 3 PPM if there is no obsorbent. More than 1 PPM accelerates the ripening process.
4. Currently, you deliver frozen products at most 2 times every 7 days a week. Dry products every 2 days!

250 %
Frozen product distribution efficiency rate increase. It was about 3.33%
1 Col.
Reducing the number of germs in cold storage. It was a colony of about (~)51>
< 0.1 PPM
With Bluezone we can reduce the ethylene concentration: It was approximately 3 - 8 PPM
+ ≈ 50 %
Frozen products can be offered more frequently at the expense of dry product distribution. (tighten frequency ranges) Used to be 2 times a week, now 3 times a week