The battle between insulated bags

Truly insulated vs reflection layered bags
In one view, a clear case?

Originals and Imitation “story”.

Originals: Combi-Therm Consumer AS and the Birth of Excellence

The Battle between Insulated Bags - the one and only 3 layer insulated bags as original vs imitations "not insulated" bags.
The DEISKO NL25 Bag is a Combi-Therm Consumer quality bag

The Rise of Imitations: Quantity over Quality:

The Battle of Insulated Bags: One of the competitors "Papier Mettler" as a plastic packaging producer. producing non insulated bags
One of the competitors “Papier Mettler” as a plastic packaging producer producing non insulated bags

Passion Ignited: Why Our Insulated Bags Matter

Table of compare: Quality and Options

Insulated bags quality and options compare table

Who won the battle, what bag do you go for?

The Originals: Combi-Therm AS Bags
  1. Quality Unmatched: Combi-Therm AS bags are the epitome of craftsmanship. Their three-layer design, featuring Polywool insulation, ensures optimal temperature control. These bags have stood the test of time, preserving freshness and potency.
  2. Trust and Legacy: When you choose Combi-Therm AS, you’re not just buying a bag; you’re investing in a legacy. Decades of dedication and innovation back these originals. They’ve earned their stripes in the Cold Chain arena.
  3. Peace of Mind: Whether it’s delicate medications, gourmet meals, or perishable goods, Combi-Therm AS originals provide peace of mind. You know your items are in safe hands—literally.
The Imitations: Cheap Copies
  1. Quantity Over Quality: The market flooded with imitations, but buyer beware! These copies lack the soul of the originals. They prioritize quantity, not excellence.
  2. Risk Factor: Opting for imitations means playing Russian roulette with your goods. Will they maintain the right temperature? Will they withstand the journey? It’s a gamble.
  3. The Bargain Temptation: Yes, they may be cheaper (not always the case we know), but at what cost? Sacrificing quality for a few dollars might haunt you later.
The Verdict:

Where do you find, where can you buy the winner?

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