Pre and post harvest, Bluezone can contribute to the freshness and therwith waste of produce. All contributing by having science in action.

The science behind freshness – “Bluezone”

The science behind freshness lays fro a great part in Bluezone products.
As an ambassador and European distributor of Bluezone products for the logistics and agriculture sector, we care about reducing fruit, vegetable and plant losses and waste.
We would be happy to guide you step by step in the world of this technology. Let’s start from the beginning…

Where did the Bluezone technology come from:

R&D in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic:

The science behind freshness - health sector without ozone exposure

In health institutions, virus colonies and mold spores are neutralized.

Do you know that about 33% of all food production gets lost! Turning into “waste”, better said. Because we do not use all the available knowledge (science) to maintain freshness.

Traditionally we believe that protection of products by using pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals is the main and most reliable way to “protect” our food. But the truth is, we are poisoning ourselves because suppliers / markets provide us products harvested almost a year ago. So likely processed with things whose side effects we do not know or not 100% understand yet. We manipulate genetically (dark science) the ripening receptors to stop the ripening process of the products by using 1-MCP and we call that freshness?

With “Bluezone” the “natural” ripening rate naturally is reduced. By keeping the concentrations of the curing gas ethylene gas as low as possible, as a result we can store produce at even at slightly higher temperatures at the right freshness.

We can share more files with you for more information and examples like we have the testimonials placed online. The science behind true freshness will benefit us and the world.

Let’s be ready for the future.