Reduce waste extend shelflife, Remove ethylene from ambient air

Reduce waste extend shelflife

We have learned and we are getting better.

Over the years, farmers, traders and shippers have learned that keeping fruit, vegetables and even flowers and herbs at the right temperature is crucial. Researches show that temperature has some influence on the rate at which sugar formation occurs, but the strongest catalyst is a gas called “ethylene”. This gas is released from products during the ripening (rotting) process. The lower the temperature, the less ethylene is released! However, beyond a certain point, when ethylene concentrations are high enough, lowering the temperature will no longer slow the decomposition process.

Reduce waste extend shelflife by Ethylene downdraft (chart)

Our research on this topic has continued and has now shown that many fruits and vegetables can be stored at slightly higher temperatures than previously recommended as long as ethylene levels can be kept below 1 PPM at the lowest preference..

Bluezone UVc oxidation technology “burns” ethylene in a controlled (well validated and calibrated) system reaction chamber, reducing and maintaining surrounding ethylene concentrations.

We have conducted field tests in Türkiye, Australia and offshore, among others; where cut flowers lasted 3 times longer than normal under similar temperature conditions and kiwi fruit lasted 1.8 times longer at 1.5 degrees higher ambient temperature.

An oil tanker owner explains how their seafarers can eat fresh fruit and vegetables for longer.LINK

Remove ethylene from ambient to reduce ethylene concentrations

Bluezone UVc irradiation technology neutralizing airborne molds spores, bacteria and virus

Mold – Microbes downdraft (graphic)

We also learned how much the fruit loses its moisture (weight) values as it cools. The colder it is, the more weight he loses. This is true! We can reduce weight (moisture loss) by increasing the humidity around the fruit. That’s right again… However, no one explained that increased humidity levels are also a soil for best growth situations for fungi and bacteria.

Bluezone already allows us to store it at slightly higher temperatures. This reduces the effect of dehumidification (weight loss), but since UVc also irradiates the air, all possible sources of cross-contamination are eliminated. This helps ensure less waste and stronger product output from storage or shipping facilities.

And we’re getting better.